Type text for compress to 8LETS.
(Text limit are 2000 words.)


Enter 8LETS to DeCompress.
(i.e 66O462M5)

Data after decompression:

Who we are?

We're creative developers by Pakistan from 2016-
We lunched on Saturday, 27 October 2018
Definition: 8 mean (Eight) & lets mean (Latters). The Eight letters. The usage of this service does not require any registration and is completely free for everyone at everywhere. Sabir Shah CEO & Founder of 8LETS

How does 8LETS compression work?

The 8lets is online compression tool, that comressing upto 2000 words to 8 latters. When the user entered some text data and click on the compress button then the conversion are compressing the text data to 8 letters also known(8LETS CODE).
Anytime and anywhere this user or his/her give the 8LETS code to other someone and they open the website and put the 8lets code in DeCompressand text input field then click on DeCompress button then the 8lets tool will be decompressing your data and shows to you.


The 8LETS mean your eight letters compress code.
i.e: {your text data} --> 87GF8712


The 8LETS will expire after 300 days, It's mean the 8LETS will not DE-COMPRESS after exipry. Why?


User can directly scan the BarCode on Smartphone, Teblets or BarCode Reader to get the 8LETS.


Icon mean the URL is secure from puplic access.
Icon mean not secure, Anyone can access that.


We Guarantee to say, there will no any other converssion to DE-COMPRESS the 8LETS to original data.
If any other query please read the Privacy Policy


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